Talk Schedule

Friday :
9:15 AM Priorities  Ken Cromartie
11:05 AM Prevenient Grace: Rev. Larry Lane
1:35 PM Priesthood of All Believers Lee Pruit
2:55 PM Justifying Grace Rev. Steve Painter
6:40 PM Life in Piety  Bobby Huff

8:50 AM Growth Through Study Tony Spasoff
10:45 AM Means of Grace  Rev. Will Clark
2:55 PM Christian Action  Fred Culveyhouse
4:30 PM Obstacles to Grace  Rev. Heather Harding
6:55 PM Discipleship  Joe Burns

8:35 AM Changing Our World  Bill Crissman
9:35 AM Sanctifying Grace  Rev. Grant Sigfried
10:35 AM Body of Christ  Larry Wood
12:45 PM Perseverance  Alan Goodhart
1:50 PM Fourth Day  Bill Crissmen