Structure and Organization

The Walk to Emmaus® is grounded theologically and
institutionally in The Upper Room ministry unit of the General Board of
Discipleship of The United Methodist Church.

However, The Walk to Emmaus is ecumenical. The program invites
and involves the participation of Christians of many denominations. Emmaus is
ecumenical not only because members of many denominations participate, but
because Emmaus seeks to foster Christian unity and to reinforce the whole
Christian community. This is one of the great strengths and joys of the Emmaus
The fact that Emmaus is ecumenical does not mean it is
theologically indifferent. On the contrary, The Walk to Emmaus is designed to
communicate with confidence and depth the essentials of the Christian life,
while accentuating those features that Christians have traditionally held in
The Upper Room Walk to Emmaus is a tightly designed event that
is conducted with discipline according to a manual that is universally standard.
Emmaus is offered only with the permission and under the guidelines of The Upper
Room. This ensures a proven format and a common experience that should be
trustworthy from weekend to weekend wherever Emmaus is being offered.

Each community is administered locally through its local Board
of Directors. The program is administered globally through the International
Emmaus office in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.